West Pier Media is a division of W.P. Communications Ltd, a marketing, communications and business development consultancy founded by former technology journalist and mobile services marketing expert, Andrew Darling. We are focused on the strategic communications needs of companies and organisations within the Information, Communications and Entertainment sectors.

West Pier Media is a new kind of consultancy dedicated to understanding and developing the narratives that define the marketing and human resource requirements of media, entertainment and technology services. We apply editorial and commercial intelligence to enable companies to reach their market, develop key partnerships by creating strategic campaigns that turn technology into a narrative the market can understand.

The variety of our skills reflects the diversity of our work. We are media relations experts, brand managers, copywriters, event managers, social media managers and marketing strategists.

Through our network of graphic designers, media planners and printers, we can also write and design your campaign collateral, newsletters, annual reports and web sites.

On some occasions you will need a strong bias towards media and analyst relations to raise your profile in the run up to a crucial event or milestone. At other times you may wish to step back and fine tune your campaign messages with a strategist and copywriter. We adapt our account teams over time to reflect your needs of our business.

What makes us different? Our enthusiasm is infectious, our expertise is first class, our reputation and network is gilt edged and our straight-talking approach has long been our trademark.

We help businesses grow, build excellent teams and relish innovation. Our key skills are strategy, leadership, evangelism and negotiation. Our mission in life is to create and encourage methods of excellent communication, and help others realise their potential. We have a wide personal and professional network across the world, in many industries, and we strive for success in everything we do. West Pier Media continuously scans and selects the best and most relevant expertise in the industry and matches it to client requirements for specific projects.

Andrew Darling manages the execution, gives clients one point of contact, and ensures the highest level of quality throughout each project.

West Pier Media is a flexible and agile agency that flows with the market needs. Because of this we are increasingly relevant and exact in providing what clients require in a fast changing environment.