Narrative underpins all technology marketing decisions
Effective strategy is never based on products alone 

Welcome to West Pier Media

West Pier Media is a marketing, communications and strategic business development agency specialised in converging online and mobile technology and payment sectors. We have expertise in related key verticals, particularly, gaming, charities, marketing and advertising

No other agencies in this sector can provide such a specialised level of service for mobile expertise. We Get Mobile. Founder Andrew Darling has worked in mobile services since 1999 and has been involved in the digital world since the mid 1990s, as both a communications and marketing expert, as well as a leading journalist.

West Pier Media is highly experienced in supporting leading technology/telco, entertainment and digital media companies in developing commercial, marketing and PR resources to build new value in their businesses. We are supported by a global network of multifunctional professional and collaborative partnerships and alliances. Our structure affords us the capacity to tailor each project team to the unique requirements of our clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Marketing ¬†and Communications Intelligence
  • Brand Building & Thought Leadership
  • Partnerships and Business Enablement
  • Event Strategy and Editoral
  • PR, Media Relations and Social Media Strategy